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STRATX – The best digital marketing strategy methodology for EVERY company in ANY industry


You need the most effective best digital marketing effort you can afford. With a bit of both personal effort and investment, you can start seeing increased traffic to your website, leading to increased inquiries or quotes and ultimately, and increased sales. Not a magic bullet, just good perspective on data and the understanding of human behavior.


We understand and respect how hard it is to get viable new opportunities. We started several years ago to help companies in their approach to their digital infrastructure.  Our methodology was rooted in work with a National Program working with local economic development teams, assisting their Small & Medium businesses grow in a faster and more effective way. In each engagement, we were provided with a budget of hours and in that budget of ours we were expected to provide strategic information of value to an executive. What we came up with was a research process that gives us the ability to understand not just what we could do with our digital marketing for what we should do. We found that what we should do is directly related to what our competitors are doing to siphon business and take prospects during the sales process.


By understanding what our competitors are doing we get a better sense of where the audience resides and what are the tactics the audience will respond to. This is an example of not wanting to copy what our competitors are doing, but maybe just ‘tracing’ what appears to be successful in their digital marketing investment. What we found is that by understanding what the competitors were doing to approach their audience gave us a way of looking at the question not from the perspective of an unlimited number of choices but rather from unknown set of tactics that can be researched and identified.


This is how we came to the development of the “STRAT X” process.

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