If you had a Business Magic 8-Ball, how would you use it? What would you ask it?

The Leadforce STRAT Rx program isn’t quite that, but it’s close.


Our program can leverage freely available, commercial, and proprietary tools to help you scour public and private databases, websites, and other data sources, sometimes in novel ways, to generate and analyze datasets.


How you utilize those capabilities to best serve your business over several weeks is up to you. Use this program to identify prospects, competitors, or vendors. Test parts of your business model. Map out your niche, person by person. Figure out how to market your product or service better. Establish a more competitive presence on social media.


The expertise and toolsets that we bring to the table makes this an engagement worthwhile, one that we consider a multiplier, a business accelerant. The outputs you receive can propel you forward each week and allow you to refer to them often when you need a reminder of how to get back on track, or where you might find the next boost for your growth.