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Content Creation Process Using AI Technology

I'm not sure we know what to do with AI content - yet.

I think the planet is still early in having tools like this available in the culture and our understanding of how best to use them well is still ahead of us.

Paradigms Shift

This kind of learning curve is not unusual though. Think about the way that technologies for voice communication and video communication have been deployed. When television was invented and TV sets poured into living rooms, it was seen as a way for many people to

receive a wireless transmission from one antenna – a one-to-many, wireless technology. Likewise, within a few decades, telephones came into the house - this was a wired house-to-house system to have conversations.

Fast forward a couple of decades - most telephones (for individuals) are wireless and most televisions now connect to wire for a cable television system.

We've successfully swapped the technologies - wired for television and wireless for voice. I point this out because I'm pretty sure that it's not going to be Boomers that understand how this technology should be properly deployed.

The AI-assisted process

It started with a client looking to be an influencer and creating a lifestyle brand. I know the tools and tactics available, but being able to lay them out in a plan that can be easily communicated to the client was needed.

The OpenAI dialog

I got my account at OpenAI and logged onto the AI content generator. After a few reviews, I saw a technique of gradually informing the engine in small, related pieces in a series of queries that led to the desired outcome. Maybe I was just making sure the engine at least knew what I already knew and the responses created confidence.

I started by asking ChatGPT first what a lifestyle brand was. The next query was how social media influencers worked. After I informed the engine on both of topics, I then asked for “Write a plan to become a lifestyle brand influencer”.

The outline that ChatGPT gave me was good. It provided a structure that I could collect my thoughts and write into each area that it came up with. No preamble, no summary - it didn't have some of the stuff that a human reader would want to better grasp the content being presented. I felt the next step was to edit the content.

I started editing. If I were to try to use this tactic in my content creation activity, I'd probably do even more editing. For this exercise, I wanted to present just what the system came up with relative to the list.

After I collected my thoughts, organized them in a way to tell a story, and moved around a few paragraphs - I needed images.

AI-generated Images

Night Café’s AI image generator is a great deal of fun. It has several AI image tools buried in the services - Stable Diffusion, Dall-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, and VQGAN+CLIP. They also

offer a 'Style Transfer' - pretty neat set of tools.

My account there is maturing a bit and I’m seeing how I can set up a couple of image generation tasks to help convey the idea of building the influencer and then supporting humans by use of technology. That's where the two images in the post came from.

Post Built at WIX

I assembled all of the components in the blog on Wix, did a little bit of editing, made sure the list was readable, and posted it.

I wanted to also follow up with this post as quickly as I could. I turned on the transcribe function in Microsoft Word and just began speaking my thoughts.

With content creation such an important cornerstone of a digital marketing presence, I think rapid content creation with quality becomes an even more essential component. ChatGPT is here to help.

Share your thoughts below or on the LinkedIn post.


OpenAI ChatGpt -

NightCafe AI Image Generator -

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