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MIT - Portugal Business Accelerator

We are assisting our client to revolutionize screening for early signs of speech and language delays to reduce the impact of missed diagnosis on children, families and schools.

NOTE: We are seeking qualified individuals to take part in the brief survey below.   This is NOT a solicitation.  Contact us here.

Empowering speech pathologists to make a difference, one child at a time.

We Need Your Insights

You have been identified as a subject matter expert  that might provide valuable guidance for our new Speech Therapy tools. 


We need your insights to understand what part technology can play in improving how children with speech and language delays are identified and supported. We value your expertise and want to ensure that our product is meeting the needs of those it serves.


Please take our breif survey and give us your feedback on how you see the role of technology in this important early childhood developmental phase.


Your input is crucial in our efforts to revolutionize early stage screening speech and language development.  

This one-minute video provides a quick overview

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 9.07.17 AM.png
Help us revolutionize early stage screening for speech and language development.  
What factors affect your ability to screen more kids for speech and language disabilities?
How would you rate your budget for screening services?
Would it be possible to screen every pre/school student if you chose to?
Would you be willing to discuss your insights with our CEO?

Thank You!

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