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Leadforce Solutions specializes in developing modern, clean cut Wix websites that clearly promote your online brand, service, or product.


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VIP Website Services

VIP Services provide you with a package of tools to manage and grow your business.


VIP connects you with customers, promotes your business, automates your workflow and more .

VIP Contacts

Keep track of everyone that interacts with your site and business, all in one place. Every time a visitor submits a contact form, subscribes to a newsletter, buys something from the site's online store, etc, - they are automatically added to the Contact list with all the details they provided. What's more - you can open the Contact Panel from anywhere in your site's dashboard, without losing where you are. 

VIP Automations

We help you define and setup automated processes help stay connected with your site visitors. Set a trigger to start off your automation (e.g., new member sign-up), define the action that happens in response to the trigger (e.g., send a welcome email), and set when the action should happen (e.g. as soon as the member signs up, after 7 days etc.). 


VIP SEO creates a customized plan to help you improve your site's SEO and get found on search engines like Google. 

VIP Email Marketing

Get the word out about your site with professional email marketing campaigns. We will setup a custom template design and create personalized and seasonal content. We review the VIP dashboard together on our scheduled team calls to track your campaign's performance.

VIP Chat

Add a fully customizable chatbox to your site and chat with your site visitors live. Initiate a chat with anyone viewing your site, or let them start a chat when they're ready. You can chat from your compute or from your phone with our mobile app. 

VIP Price Quotes

Send official price estimates to prospective clients or customers, negotiate over terms through chat and automatically convert to an invoice when the quote is approved.

VIP Invoices

Send invoices to customers for services or products they've received from you. Receive payment directly through your account after setting up your payment method. Track and manage invoices from an easy to use dashboard.