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Conversion Tracking & Optimization

Conversion Tracking and Optimization for Business Websites

  • Every business website is created for a specific purpose. They attract prospective clients or customers to your website and make them aware of your brand.

  • Even more importantly, your website encourages them to purchase your products or services online or visit their physical location to do so.

  • The effectiveness of your internet endeavors where these objectives are concerned can be measured by your conversion rate or the measurement of website visitors that you convert into buyers.

  • Consequently, you need to ensure that your website is geared towards optimizing that measurement; and that’s where LFS Mortgage Marketing can help.

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Why is Conversion Tracking Important?

  • Conversion tracking helps you determine which ads, ad campaigns, or ad groups as well as keywords are driving valuable visitor traffic to your website.

  • You’ll be able to make better decisions about where to spend your budget and understand your ROAS or Return on Ad Spending.

  • Furthermore, you’ll be able to see what cross- browser, cross-device, and other conversion data is showing up in your reports.

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