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Retargeting Ads

Are you receiving a lot of website visitors to your site, but still not receiving the amount of leads you want?

  • One thing that can fix this is setting up retargeting ads to your previous site visitors.

  • This guide is everything you'll need on how retargeting works and some ideas on how to effectively setup ads.

Do You Have Retargeting Advertising Set Up?

Even if your website is setup with the right conversion elements in place, the best you’re likely to get is 20% of visitors instantly contacting you about a mortgage loan types.  That means 80% of the website visitors you are spending money on SEO & advertising to send to your website, are not contacting you.

Retargeting them is how you can turn that around and convert “research now, contact later” prospects into your customers.  Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon, then repeatedly seen this product advertised everywhere afterwards? This is retargeting.

After visiting your website, people will be browsing other websites or social media, and see your advertisements. It’s a great way of bringing prospects back and establishing strong brand presence.


Without retargeting ads, you depend on your customers to visit your website and convert right away.

Those are high expectations!

Even a business with a perfectly optimized home page, round-the-clock chat support, and more can’t account for customer hesitations or timelines.


Retargeting is, simply put, an effective way of not losing those leads if they aren’t ready when they reach your offer. By getting those leads to come back, you lower your cost per acquisition and improve your conversion rate.

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