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Email and Text Marketing

Email & Text Marketing Can Help

Increase Revenue

Many businesses today use the power of e-mail and text message marketing to contact their clients in their database for several reasons. This includes:

  • Keeping them up to date on news and trends that could affect their mortgage or new home loan.

  • Making them aware of good deals that just came up.

  • Nurturing their existing clients with post-transaction follow-ups.

  • Scheduling appointments to discuss new home loans or refinancing existing loans.

  • Staying in front of prospective clients.


Benefits of Email and Text Marketing 

There will always be skeptics who say e-mail marketing and text message marketing are a waste of time and money or ineffective. However, the reality is that numbers don’t lie, and if they’re done correctly, these powerful marketing tools will help you expand and grow your business. The following is a list of the benefits of e-mail marketing and text message marketing campaigns developed by LFS.

E-mail Messaging

  • It has a much broader and higher reach potential.

  • It’s extremely cost-effective and generates a high return on investment (an average $44.25 return on a $1 investment).

  • It’s not a matter of throwing everything you’ve got against the wall and something is going to stick (average “open rate” is 20% to 30% compared to 1% to 2% of direct mail campaigns).

  • People read e-mails that are engaging and interesting but not self-promoting.

  • Unlike traditional ads, e-mail marketing can be very conversational and engaging.

  • You can track e-mail marketing campaigns better than traditional advertising.

Text Messaging

  • It generates more leads with considerably less effort.

  • It makes it easier to complete more loan applications.

  • When used properly, you’ll close more deals quicker with text message marketing.

  • You’ll earn more reviews and generate more leads.

  • You’ll realize higher returns when sending out text promotions.

  • You can track e-mail marketing campaigns better than traditional advertising.


Power Up Your Marketing Today

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