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The best example of digital marketing strategy EVER

...and it works for nearly EVERY company and ANY industry.

It all starts with the belief that a business, wants the most effective, best digital marketing effort it can afford.

It is still possible, using online tools and tactics with a bit of effort and investment, to manage a presence that increases traffic to a website, leading to increased inquiries/quotes and ultimately, increased sales.

As prior sales executives, we understand and respect how hard it is to get viable new opportunities. We started several years ago to help companies in their approach to their digital infrastructure, expecting it would naturally support the emerging online paradigm. The methodology is rooted in working with a national program working with local economic development teams, assisting their Small & Medium businesses' growth. It's called Economic Gardening. It supports second-stage businesses and seeks to improve those businesses to grow both faster and more effectively.

In each engagement, a limited budget of hours is allocated for any of a number of specialties - market research, digital marketing or GIS. In that budget of time, it is important to be able to provide strategic information, of value to a busy company executive - consistently. Regardless of industry or product.

What we came up with was a research process that gives the executive an understanding of not just what could we do with digital marketing, but more importantly, what we should we do.

We determined that what we should do is directly related to what our competitors are doing - in their efforts to siphon business away from us and absorb our prospects during the sales process. We saw that by understanding what our competitors are doing we get a better sense of many aspects of the online presence.

  1. Where does the audience reside online?

  2. What are the tactics the audience responds to?

  3. What velocity and volume of posting activity is usual?

By understanding what the audience is first, we can engage ahead of the others. The company has a very good chance to be where buyers are. These buyers are already motivated too.

Would you or the company benefit from also understanding where, when, and how to regularly improve your online presence?

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