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How to Decorate Your Living Room Like a Shed

I’m not a decorator – do not even pretend to play one on TV. I do not have a lavish décor in the office - I have a Mandalorian placard, and the first poster I’d ever produced, which was for a local theater production of Mame. I also hold onto one of the license plates from in Colorado.

If I were trying harder, I’d find a comfortable office chair that connects with a pattern in the rug, which plays off the color of the walls, etc, etc., etc. Being an older metaverse denizen though, my color pallets might be a bit dated, but hey, it’s my place and I hang out in it – it can be what I want.

Another factor is that as I’ve moved from house-to-house and state-to-state, the furnishings that were just perfect for one space, in the last house, no longer really fit well into the next. Something that is not always realized until the attempt to fit a sofa into a space made for either a smaller settee or space-eating sectional. These are all activities we pursue in an ongoing interest in trying to make a house our home – it’s what we humans do incessantly. As long as we stay in that house though, as things are arranged & one piece is eventually swapped for another, it becomes a home. Aside from the periodic refurb, things tend to stay where they are for as long as we reside there.

It becomes familiar and most cultures are comfortable with the familiar. We like it there.

Put on your business hat now. Think about retail space for a moment. Shift your perception to use the lens of a prospect or customer for a product or service. If you could, you’d incorporate experience and an understanding of buyer behavior. If it were based on data and research, so much the better.

If you're a Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs), you may not be aware that current, accurate research is now become more a factor than ever before. In the marketing equation today, SMBs can afford research into market dynamics like the big guys. Maybe not all the data the big guys get, but enough to make better informed decisions about where to invest limited resources.

Back to decorating the house to become a home...

If we have moved from one place to another place over time and never updated our furnishing, that would be unusual. What is common is people do invest and re-invest over time and in different geographies for a feel and appearance in different houses and different rooms. Houses become homes and lives get lived in them, the house changing as the needs of the inhabitants grow, age and change. It’s expected.

It's business intelligence to show you where to deploy more effectively, using a Moneyball-like approach of intercepting buyers where they are, as they look into the products and services they need.

In a marketing strategy, it is the long arc of buyer behavior that demonstrates how people in large groups vary in their behaviors. Based on the data, it is in the tactics that a business has flexibility in HOW to connect to the audience and WHERE it is to make a post. If, as a marketer, I’ve done my work, I know where the target online audience logs in and engages most.

In a strategic way, we should expect definitions to change over time as well, which leads to updates in tactics, platforms, or tools. We should expect to refresh the research and allow it to impact the strategy if needed. New geographies, new keywords, new ways of prospecting, and maybe new online engagement tools.

Data suggests that a Decision Maker will look at somewhere between 5 to 15 pieces of content about you, the company, and the products BEFORE they pick up the phone or click the icon to contact you.
Ask yourself "What's the website saying to visitors?"

When was your last marketing update? How much did it lean on digital? Could it be time now to gather data and make another assessment of the state-of-the-market specific to your micro-focused market?

Our position is that digital strategy needs to be revisited every 6 months; every quarter in more volatile markets. StratX is affordable, forward-looking, and impactful. Reach out to see just how far you SHOULD go with your digital investment.

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